I Quit! No More Plant Based Diet!

After six years this made me walk away

Kim Jagwe


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“Girl! Stop lying! What do you mean you aren’t plant based anymore? Is this a joke? Have you actually eaten meat?” I expected her to be shocked, but her tragic, almost traitorous overtone made me furious.

No! I’m not plant based anymore. And, yes, I have eaten meat. She quietly muttered under her breath, “I thought you would always be vegan.” “I was never a vegan!”, I nearly shouted. “Look at my purse for crying out loud! No vegan would ever carry this!” Vegans NEVER consume or use animal foods or products EVER! My purse clearly failed the animal products test!

The Starting Point

I paused for a second, remembering why this whole “I’m eating plants only” journey started in the first place. I just didn’t feel good in my skin and I wanted to:

  • Lower my cholesterol. It’s always hovered around 190- 203. That’s too high, according to my GP.
  • Maintain a healthy blood pressure. I’ve never had blood pressure issues and I’d like to keep it that way.
  • Slim down and enter a healthy range for my height. Notice I said slim; not skinny. I just want to be at the right weight for my height and genetic makeup. Realistically, these hips ain’t going anywhere. Every female in my family is issued generous set at birth. Skinny jeans beware!

I shared my highly reasonable health list with my baby sis, who happens to be a naturopath. She recommended I Watch Forks Over Knives and Cowspiracy on Netflix. I watched Cowspiracy first. I bawled inconsolably as I witnessed the most gruesome pain and suffering animals can go through in the name of a food. I cried to the point of dehydration and was forever altered.

I have never grocery shopped the same since. I eventually watched Forks over Knives and found that both documentaries tout the heath benefits of a “plants only” lifestyle. Both documentaries stress the positive impact a plant based diet can have on the environment and your non stretch denim. No more suffering cows sealed the deal! Where’s the nearest lettuce bar?

My 3 reasons for changing my diet placed me in the category of a person who is plant based not vegan. Just to clear things up, I…



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