What If God Could Help You Lose the Weight…

Kim Jagwe
3 min readApr 24

“When I’m an adult, I will eat candy bars for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!” I remember telling my mother this as an angry elementary student who didn’t want to take another bite of whatever beans she had cooked up.

Though I never committed to eating candy bars for every meal, I developed toxic eating habits as a young adult.

I ended high school weighing over 200 pounds. My all-time high at 240 was too much weight for my 5’3” frame.

I can tell you exactly how I gained weight, but I could not figure out how to get out of what had become a full-blown food addiction.

Like so many, I yo-yo dieted most of my youth away. I lost weight with almost every new diet, but nothing lasted longer than a year. And no diet ever set me free from obsessive food thoughts.

When I hit my thirties, I was trapped in full-blown depression and out-of-control eating. I was bone tired of the mental and physical struggles of losing weight. I desperately needed a way out. I needed a savior!

That desperation drove me to do something I had never done. I invited God into my out-of-control eating.

It’s common knowledge among my friends and family that I love Jesus. He is my life. But for some reason, I never thought to take my food issues to him. Though this article is not about my food freedom journey, I will share that it all started with a simple question.

What if…

What if I prayed to God and asked him to help me lose weight, to set me free? Would he do it? He said He could do anything. Could he do this? Would he do this- for me?

I share the full story in my book, God’s Perfect Size. If my account hits too close to home, you don’t have to wait to start your journey.

Spoiler alert, God set me free. It took time, tears, and inner healing, but I lost the weight. And the same is available for you.

Don’t live defeated. God is willing and able to rescue you and help you shed the weight and bondage that got you there in the first place.

My passion and prayer are to see others with the same struggle be completely healed and walk-in food freedom. Do it now if you have not tuned in to…

Kim Jagwe

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