Plan for The Pits!

Kim Jagwe
3 min readJul 21, 2023
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Recently I recorded a *Must Listen to Episode for Weight Loss Struggles* (Apple Podcasts) on the God’s Perfect Size™ Podcast (Spotify). This recording came about from my in-the-pit moments over the past few months. Once I stopped sulking about my perceived personal failures, I could look up and remember that this was all part of the journey. In case you think I’m talking about just my journey, you would be mistaken. All of us are on a journey of type. Many in my tribe just happen to be on a weight loss journey for improved health and healing.

As I pulled my emotion out of the dung and stepped into my big girl pants, or should I say, slightly bigger girl pants? I had an epiphany. I need to stop being caught off guard by failure. Is this something you need to hear as well? The collective WE need to stop being caught off guard by life's “falls and failures.” What if, from this moment forward, we embraced the mindset that fails and falls are bound to happen? And then we plan for them! Really plan for them.

(P.S., This is the part where you break out your journal or note taking App and start thinking about your recovery plan.)

We all need a recovery plan. It could be a business recovery plan, a plan for your personal goals, or your health and weight loss journey. Whatever you are working toward, you need a plan for the trip-ups and faceplants of life.

So here is what I propose. Have a plan created by you with step-by-step instructions outlining your road to recovery. My personal plan starts by answering a series of questions. I’m going to leave those questions here to guide your recovery strategies.

1. What structures/habits did I put into place that brought success?

2. Did I stick to the habits and honor the structures put in place with fidelity?

3. What changes did I notice over time?

4. Who are my chore accountability partners? Are they aware of my current struggles?

5. What is the status of my prayer/meditation



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