I’m On a 30-Pound Weight Loss Journey

2 Month Update

Kim Jagwe



The holiday season of gifts, gabs and grub is here and I’m not afraid! As a Christian who celebrates Christmas in a faith focused fashion, this time of year holds special meaning for me. My days are typically spent reflecting on Advent, buying gifts, and baking expressions of love, laced in butter.

I adore this season but hate gaining weight from my holiday indulgences. This year I am not afraid. I feel empowered by having a plan in place. I have absolutely no intentions of dieting my way through. I will, however, have foods at my disposal that I can indulge in without bringing harm to my body. I believe if I do this, then I can stay full and satisfied. And when I do have a sip of Nog or a slice of pie I can eat and pull away without feeling the need to gorge myself on calorie-rich desserts.


I wanted to arrive at the 150s with a bit of flash and flare. I was hoping to lose a minimum of 2 pounds. I know this potentially sounds unreasonable and greedy, but it’s my truth. I was incredibly careful about what I ate this past week in the hopes of a big loss. The result: my body did a splendid job of shedding just a few ounces of excess fat. For that I am grateful- or learning to be.

Real Life

I’m relaxed and ready to celebrate. Food is a part of my life, but I can’t allow it to consume my whole life! I purpose to celebrate in all ways, even with a delicious meal. If I gain, I will lose it in the days to come. If I lose weight, I will be grateful and continue as usual. My gift to myself is GRACE! You can do the same. Be kind to you. You need it!

In Conclusion:

I wish you all an incredibly happy, safe, and joy-filled holiday season! May the Grace of Christ Jesus meet each of you where you are and give you peace!

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