I’m On A 30-Pound Weight Loss Journey

January 2021 Month 2.2 Update

Kim Jagwe


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I made it through the holidays with my joy intact and minimal weight gain.


Getting back on track was hard! As I transitioned back to my whole foods, healthy eating plan, my sugar addiction kicked into full gear. I wanted sugary treats every day, all day. My cravings felt overwhelming at times. At one point, I became so desperate, I made a single serving of fat-free pudding and inhaled it. Just so you know, that didn’t help- at all!! No addict ever feels satisfied with just a little bit! So, I turned to God and prayed. I prayed to have the strength to fight the craving. I prayed for my mental state and I prayed to just make it through the day without giving in. I prayed the next day and every day after that.

Real Life

I’m back to my pre-holiday rhythm of eating. I still experience cravings. I just keep moving towards health, while praying every step of the way. It helps that my family is cheering me on constantly encouraging me.

I did host a pity party for one when the New Year’s Eve pizza arrived. I CHOSE not to have any because the arthritis in my back may flare-up. Emotionally, that was a hard choice. Physically it made sense. I’m taking each battle as they come.

In Conclusion:

It’s hard to go from feast to famine. I need to rethink why I believe junk food is celebratory food. I’m baby-stepping my way to a new healthy normal for my body and soul. It’s funny how my greatest weight loss week came with my greatest struggles to date!

Current Weigh-In and Exercise Results

January 03, 2021

Weight: 157.6

Exercise: Walked 2 miles twice this week.

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