I’m On A 30-Pound Weight Loss Journey

On The Road to Recovery

Kim Jagwe


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Tears of fear and gratitude escaped a time or two. Isolation in my bedroom away from my kids was rough. My teenage son sitting on the floor outside my bedroom door recounting the day’s events; priceless. Some of my closest friends coordinated meals so I could heal and my kids would have a delicious dinner. My daughter delivered food outside our door. Both kids cleaned and laundered like bosses. I hate being sick. But knowing I have the world’s best support system in place, gave me peace through it all. I love my tribe!


Recovery has its own pace. I’m finally out of isolation and nearly ready to rejoin the world. Mentally, I feel able to resume life as usual. Physically, I keep getting hit with overwhelming tiredness. All I wanted to do was reheat some leftovers! So why am I panting?

Real Life

I leaped with joy after reaching the 10 day milestone. I still haven’t hugged or kissed my kids but it’s coming soon. My weight loss goals are also very much in view. I will continue eating what’s best for my body. I am more determined than ever to stay the course and prioritize my health. I’m also prioritizing my size 8 high waisted jeans. Life is about balance after all. 😊

In Conclusion:

Keeping my goals in sight is key. I know many people have vision boards, but I have a vision notebook. Being sick afforded me free time to lay in bed and dream big. I took the opportunity to add new goals to my notebook, as well as revisit my previous ones. I am pumped up and ready for my next steps.

Current Weigh-In and Exercise Results

January 17, 2021

Weight: 156.8

Exercise: Not yet! But I plan to go for my first walk (since getting sick) this week!

Last Week’s Weigh-In Results

January 10, 2021

Weight: 157.2

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